Vitamix 750 – The Professional Ice Crusher

Vitamix 750 – The Professional Ice Crusher

Hello, my name is Tracy and I am here to share my experience of Vitamix 750. Now before sharing it I would like you to know the complete background story of why I bought it and what problems I faced before purchasing it.

I am the mother of 2 children and they are growing day by day. Now as they grow their demands are also growing and their food needs too. They do ask me to make them milk shakes and smoothies because they like it very much. I do fulfil there need of smoothies and shakes but they were not satisfied with that and always complaint about the fibres and ice in there shakes. I was very worried about that and try to find out why they are getting all that in there shakes. I figured out that my blender is not crushing the ice properly and then I decided to replace it with the new one. I searched the internet for a better option and came up with Vitamix 750 Professional Grade blender. Although, it is expensive but I am not worried about it because I can afford it. Check this post to find out more about blenders.

I bought it and it got delivered to my doorstep within 4 working days. After unboxing it, I decided to check it for myself so that I can ensure its quality. For the test I put ice, frozen fruits, and other hard stuff in it and started blending them. The Vitamix 750 blends them smoothly with ease.

The quality of the blender is up to the mark and the motor of the blender is 2.2 peak horsepower which gives it enough force to blend anything you put in it. Also, its container is made up of BPA plastic free material which makes it toxicity proof. However, the size of the container is slightly small as compare to its counter-part Vitamix 7500 but the blending is smooth and easy.

I make smoothies and shakes for my children in it and them like it this time. They didn’t complaint about the fibres and ice in their milkshakes and all thanks to Vitamix and its stainless steel blades that are sharp enough to pierce through anything. Moreover, the base of the blender is constructed with the hard material that gives it more stability and makes it less vibrant while performing the operations.

Furthermore, the blender has a 10 variable speed control which allows you to blend your ingredients as per your need. Also, the blender has a pre-programmed settings which allows you to set time and speed for each blending. This helps me to walk away from the blender and do other house chores. Overall the blender totally help me to make my children happy and also it makes my work ease. Now I don’t have to stand in front of the blender to make shakes. Thanks to its pre-programmed settings I can walk away from it conveniently. One thing which can be problematic is that its container is not dishwasher safe and you have to wash it with your hands, other than that the blender is one of a masterpiece and a total kitchen helper.

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