Natural Home made remedies for amazing skin

Natural Home made remedies for amazing skin

You will hardly see a doctor recommending his patient to use home-made remedies, but to be very honest with you, these home-made remedies have much more power and cure for any skin problem than any lab-made skin medicines. Skin medicines always have some side effects, but natural resources are healthy by all means.

In this article I will share some recipes to make your own skin remedies at your home that will help you to enhance your beauty. You can have a look.

Avocado and Honey Moisturizer

You need moisturizer to remove ageing signs, ageing signs start appearing on your face when your skin tends to loose its moisture. In such a case, you will see crinkles appearing on your face and few lines.

To stop this from happening, you must make sure that your skin has enough amount of moisture in it. For that you can use some home made remedies, but I will share my favourite one with you first.

Take three tbs of fresh cream, 1/4 of avocado and one tablespoon of honey. Now blend all three ingredients until they are all nicely mixed. Once they are mixed properly, then apply them on your skin, after that wait for an hour, then wash your face with cold water. Repeat this process at-least for one month.

Anti acne treatment

You can treat your acne problem at your home by following my tips, just take brewer’s yeast and some lemon juice and put them into water. Now mix them gently and wait for them to become a paste, now put more lemon juice on it.

You can also add some more water if the paste if it is too hard, now apply them on your blemish spots and wait for ten minutes, you can also cover that area with bandage. Repeat this process daily for one month.

Basil Tone recipe

If you are suffering from acne problem, then this is another wonderful home made remedy for you. Basil is an antiseptic herb, it can help your body to remove acne from your body by eliminating bacteria. Just take 3 tablespoon of dry basil leaves.

Boil one cup of water, now smash basil leaves and mix them into boiled water. Once the mixture becomes cooled, then take the leaves out. Now take a spray bottle and add the basil juice into it, now regularly spray basil juice on your face, after that use cotton to soak the juice.

Almond Scrub

Almond is a rich natural dry fruit. By using almond you can get rid of dead skin cells, so your skin will have more brighter and smoother look. First take 3 tsp of fresh cream and one cup of white sugar. Now take 0.5 tbs of brown sugar and 1/2 cup of almonds.

Also take two tablespoons of olive oil. Now mix all the ingredients well, wait for them until they become in a shape of cream. Now apply them on your face and wait for one hour at-least, after that wash your face with boiled water. You can store this cream into a jar so you can use it in future.

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