How does a Man stop ageing?

How does a Man stop ageing?

I was always concerned about my looks since I was a child. Everyone used to tell me that beauty was meant to be for women but I used to think think that hygiene and good looks count for both beings. When I reached my 40’s my skin started looking a bit older. Obviously I was ageing. But I did not to look older as my wife looked very younger. I did not want her or me thinking that I have grown older so I decided to get rid off it.

I started looking for places where I could get my laser surgery done but then my wife suggested me to instead go for dermal fillers. And then i asked a couple of professionals which one to go for and all of them suggested me Dermaheal HSR to plump skin. After all the suggestions I decided to do a little research on my own now. I made a complete research and thought of all pros and cons. There were a number of pros but very less and ignorable cons.

Pros could be like my skin would look younger, plumper, tighter and facial lines will be gone and my eyes bags will be vanished as well. Now, the cons part was that swelling might occur for a week maximum. Then comes how does it function? Well, it regenerates new skin cells and inserts collagen and hyaluronic acid into skin which makes it look younger. Collagen is the basic ingredient which makes look skin younger and with age the skin loses it’s ability to stop producing it. Now, these injection does not produce collagen instead they insert it.

I made up my mind and I decided I am going for it. My wife suggested to get it from meso pro as they only serve original and authentic products and get it injected from professional. The biggest problem was I had a major phobia from getting injections but I was surprised I did not feel it at all because it had anesthesia which made it easier and painless. A couple of days later it started effecting and my skin started getting better. It happened to me like a miracle. My skin started looking younger again.

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