A Brief Explanation of Microneedles and Blunt Cannulas

A Brief Explanation of Microneedles and Blunt Cannulas

Micro needling and blunt cannulas are very common words nowadays since many new beauty enhancing treatments involve their usage. While many might know what they are, others might not want to know what they are because of long related explanations for them. Hence a brief explanation for the same is provided below

What Is a Blunt Cannula?

A blunt cannula or a micro cannula is also known as a blunt tip small cannula, which is a tube that has a non-sharp edge used for injection purposes for the skin. They are used in many types of filler because they are much safer, precise, have less pain, take less time and have almost no bruising and scarring effects if used correctly without using any anaesthesia.

The blood vessels are pushed aside instead of being pierced and the treatment is done through the exposure to the skin for wrinkles and such other types.

What Is Micro Needling?

Micro needling or skin needling is a process through which small pores are made through minute needles into the skin to correct any skin abnormalities such as wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, dark circles etc. When a whole section of the area is exposed to damage, the body itself sends collagen to heal the part and even the area surrounding it.

It can also be done by additionally using products that are applied at the same time to be absorbed effectively and even other treatments like dermal roller treatments and radio frequency plastic surgeon administered treatments as well.

While this extensive professional treatment might cost from $35 to 45 and $65 to 125 for heavy to light treatments, and can also cause puffiness and redness. An RF treatment however can cost between $250 to 1200 though.

Micro-needling can be done at home through facial rollers by employing the right way or also by using a derma pen that is battery operated and easy to stamp on the face. Other professional devices such as skin pen work greatly for stretch marks while a collagen pen is good for hair generation and skin tightening as well.

Which one Is Better?

Although both of them have their own uses, the latter is better since – blunt cannula has very little and seldom bruising, it has lesser pain, it is faster to fill in the entries as compared to performing it through micro needles, and the skin is not pierced but pushed. It is also safer and can be used around nose and other near eye areas pretty easily.

Fillers cannot be used near penetrating vessels since stopping them there might bring about blindness and death but cannulas can be easy here too. Hence blunt cannulas are in fact the future of dermal injection treatment.

They are good for cheeks, nasal folds, lip lines, hands, scar treatments and many others as well.

It is used for deep work too and helps built the fat naturally too.

After reading this article, we’re sure that know you know all the ins and outs of micro needling and blunt cannula well enough to even brief others with them.

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