5 Convenient Nail Tips You Must Know Now

5 Convenient Nail Tips You Must Know Now

Nail trends, nail art, nail cures and nail spas have been attracting every woman these days since nails make you stand out apart and nothing can substitute the feeling of properly pampered and manicured nails!

Who can afford to spend so much time going to salons and waiting? For all those who love to stand out and want to stay conveniently nail optimized every day, this is just the ideal place for you to be. With these, every day applicable easy tricks, you can choose to be in great neatness and style at all times. Men love a woman who takes care of every little detail and that’s what we love to do too.

1. Illusion-ize

Need to go to a party suddenly and you don’t have time for you nail polish to dry out since you need to get ready? No problem, just get ready, do your makeup and hair, wear your heels and then apply your nail color to the only fingers that can be seen!

2. Personalize Your Nail Art

So you do have a little lazy time but you cannot spend much of it on your nails…

Here’s what you need:

  • A Band-Aid
  • Any color nail paints (two with a combination)

Just put on one of the lighter colors as a base let it dry and then put on a Band-Aid over it. Put on another coat of the second color nail polish that you want. Lastly take off the Band-Aid and voila! You have your own personalized nail-do.

3. No Remover? No Problem!

You need to change your nail polish but you forgot that you had run out of remover just a while back. Well you could take it off easily without the chemical.

Here’s what you need:

  • Cotton
  • Any old nail paint

Use your old nail paint that you don’t use much and carefully apply a coat over your nail. Next use your cotton patch immediately to rub off the paint you just applied and you’ll see that the older paint is coming off easily too

4. Chipped Nail Solution

So you’re angry that your nail just chipped round the very corner. You could do the following

Here’s what you need:

  • Nail clipper
  • Black nail color
  • Any other bright nail color

Firstly, use your nail clipper to clip that little end and then make the same crooked, round or square to of all your nails. Next, put on your bright color nail paint. Lastly, use the black nail color to make a smiley face (for round), disappointed face (for square) or confused face for crooked shaped emoticon nails!

5. Have Polka Art

You could try a new polka art for your nails just at home.

Here’s what you need:

  •  Cotton swab
  •  Any nail paint

Just dip your cotton swab in the nail paint and make near impressions of the paint to nearly cover your whole enamel and there you go!

Well after reading all these daily nail tips we’re sure you can stay greatly distinguished every place and feel lucky inside for saving all that extra time! Enjoy!

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